Registration for 2019-2020 Season

Posted by Central York Aquatics (CYA) on Aug 02 2019 at 11:30AM PDT in 2019 Summer Season


Registration for the fall/winter season is open! The coaches have been working hard to get registration up and running and working on the rosters for each training group. In an effort to streamline the registration process and avoid registrations in the wrong training groups, the coaches will be sending out an individual welcome letter to each swimmer. Once you receive this e-mail, you may begin to register your swimmer for that training group if registration is open.

The coaches have reevaluated the training groups, made prerequisites for the groups as well as training frequencies and goals of each group. With that said, there have been some changes to swimmer’s training groups. If you have any questions about why your swimmer was placed in a certain group, please reach out to Coach Chris before you register your swimmer(s). We will have training goal days added into our season for any swimmers who may want to test for the next level group. All new or former CYA members should reach out to Coach Chris and Coach Amber before registering.

If your child is entering High School and will be swimming the High School Season, please sign them up under the High School Season training group. Your swimmers are welcomed to drop in on any of the Senior training group practices during the season.

We have added the pdf of the new training group descriptions on our website as well as the updated Handbook.

To register, head to, go to the menu on the top, click registration, and then click Central York Aquatics 2019-2020 season and follow the on screen instructions.

-Coach Chris and Coach Amber


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